How to turn a car correctly

When is the best time to buy a car?

Such an impоrtаnt purchase, like buying а сar, is often planned not for a month or two. The оlder generation dоes not trust banks and fоr sоme time saves money "under the mattress" in оrder to pay the whole sum for the car at once, and the young generation is used to take credits and get everything here and now. Both of these categories of buyers, however, are interested in one thing - the economy.

Let's find out which season is the most suitable for the purchase of a "horse. Let's define two moments - when it is possible to purchase a new car in the showroom or used - in a secondary automobile dealership. Also when is it pоssible to buy a car for the lowest price? After all, during some pеriods not so gооd discounts are made in car showrooms, and in the market of used cars alsо have their own economic laws.


First of all, let's talk about the season. Namely - about the least expensive time for buying a car. Traditionally, summer and spring are not suitable fоr this. Especially - the period from Sеptember till September, when even the cars that were in use, "fly" in price.  And аlsо the new saloons, as a rule, become more expensive.


Why so? Because the skilled drivers, having taken their "good property" in the summer humor, focus on the country-cities, fishing and nature, while in the afternoon and sometimes in this plan is standstill. Accordingly, they do not have the intention to sell their vehicles (the supply in the market of used cars drops).  And the car enthusiasts-freshmen mainly want to start their driving experience in the warm half of the year, not in the afternoon or evening, when the driving makes the beginner not only lack of experience, but also wet or cryogenic asphalt.  Also at this time actively pidshukuyut their own car. Accordingly, under conditions when the offer is low and the price has increased, sellers - both individuals and dealers - raise prices for cars.


That is why the autumn-winter period is ideal for such purchase. It is better to buy a car right in the middle of the year, or right after the New Year. Because during this period the interest of potential buyers to buy a car wanes, they fall in winter hibernation. Accordingly, popularity drops, and sellers - car dealers and owners of used cars - do everything to win the client. And the best way to lure the buyer, as we know, is an attractive price. The car dealerships, in order to fulfill the yearly plans and take away the surplus of unsold cars, hold "new year sales", promising simply cash discounts.


As for the time of day, when it is better to take the new car to the showroom or on the street, it is obligatory to look at the car in natural daylight, simply stated - in the afternoon.  Moreover, the car must be clean: in the evening twilight, in the rain or snow storm you will hardly examine the car body properly in order to see the difference of reflections of the red gloss on different elements. And you can easily get a cat in a bag, or rather overpainted car. First of all it concerns the secondary market of used cars. However, this rule is also relevant for car dealers: look at the showroom cars exclusively in daylight, to minimize the risk of buying a damaged car.

Selecting a car depending on the body type

One of the main criteria, which must necessarily be taken into account when choosing a car - the type of body. Bodies differ from each other by design features, shape and number of seats. Besides the external appearance of the car, the type of body determines the safety of the car, its stability on the road and maneuverability. What type of car body should I choose? This question worries everyone who dreams to drive in the near future. To make it easier to identify and choose the car depending on the body type, let us consider the main characteristics of the most popular types of bodies.

Let's review the most popular types of bodies, which the modern world car industry offers, and each of them is designed for its segment of customers. These:











Cabriolet .

Below - briefly about each of them.


Sedan is the widest in the world type of the closed car body, most often - with four doors (in rare cases - with two or six). Solid interior, the trunk is separated from the interior, which prevents the penetration in the middle of the saw. The most representative of the car. Created for shifting as in the city, as well as beyond its boundaries. Minus - not overly spacious luggage compartment.

The hatchback is a type of closed body with a shortened rear suspension, which is becoming more and more popular on the tide of urbanization. Due to the lack of a loud "tail", is much more maneuverable in the city than the same Unibody. It is the same handy, as a sedan, but holds more volume of luggage. The presence of large liftgate (nine) in the rear wall is greatly facilitated the loading and unloading of bulky luggage.


The Unversal is probably the most practical body type on the market. It differs from the sedan in the fact that the luggage compartment and the interior are united. Due to the increase in weight up to the end of the luggage compartment increases the compactness of both the interior and the trunk. It has large vertical rear doors. Most models from different manufacturers have the ability to fold the seat, thus increasing the luggage space. Without problems you can carry household appliances, put in the luggage of children's luggage. It is considered a family car: all the household is comfortable in such a spacious interior. Practical and comfortable in terms of getting in and out of the vehicle. Suitable for long journeys with a large number of carriages. Disadvantages - loud and not as maneuverable as, for example, the same sedan or hatchback.

The coupe is not the most practical type of car. The body is distinguished by having only two doors and often only two front seats (coupes are designed for two or nine people). Even if the back seats are provided by the manufacturer, they can hardly be called comfortable: the volume of the rear passenger compartment does not exceed 0,93 m3. And both driver and "front" passenger have to go out of the cabin. In view of the lack of comfort for backseat passengers, the coupe is the choice of those who want to drive by themselves and want a compact car. But these cars look very cool and develop incredible speed: most compartment cars are sports cars with a powerful engine, the dream of speed lovers. Due to the rigidity of the body they do not "skid" on turns. And you will not fail on motorway outside the city at sportive "tachy" - it has low seating for this purpose.


Crossovers are one of the most powerful and the most magnificent cars. They have combined the best qualities of the nonroadster and truck. High ground clearance, spacious interior, where no one of the big family will have to squeeze in, and a spacious trunk is simply designed for long journeys out of the city on roadless roads. However, the crossovers considerably decrease capacity and coolness.


The pickup is the most widespread type of body - with open van body. It is a tipper and a mini van in one bottle. In the open luggage compartment for the great desire to transport people - there is room for up to nine people, yet the main purpose of this car - the transportation of goods. Just an asset for those who live outside the city and who have to transport large items. Considered a commercial vehicle. Previously prevailed two-cab pickups, but now the four-cab is popular.


The Minivan gained fame as a family car. It is even more pressed than a hatchback and a minivan, due to what in some models there are even three rows of seats. Ideal for transporting a large family or a group of people. The great advantage of these vehicles is a high sitting position, which makes the car more safe. Besides, due to such mounting the driver gains the following advantages: wider visibility and more protection in case of an accident. Besides this type of body is more important and therefore more stable on the road.


Besides, you have to be experienced automobile driver to drive such car: it is very difficult to maneuver because of dimensions, and it is difficult to inscribe into a parking place - it is a real art, and it is not a variant for a beginner. Besides, it is rather easy to overturn when making a turn at high speed. Another disadvantage - due to the large mass of the body the engine uses more fuel than passenger cars, also the cost of the car increases.

Microbus - the leader in the number of seats - from 8 to 16. Most often this type of body is equipped for the transportation of passengers, although the owners can use them for other purposes. It has a very high lift to move the passengers smoothly around the cabin.


Note: You can drive the minibus only if your driving license has a cognition of the category D. Besides, the bus is more likely a commercial vehicle for the transportation of passengers, and it is not rational to buy it for your own use. The large mass, considerable length and high wall make the mini-bus unstable on turns, so there is a great risk of falling over on the side.


The bus is the vehicle, which is not afraid of any boggy ґrunnyuyu road. It is characterized by increased safety for the driver and passengers and the airtightness. The vehicle is characterized by a high driver's seat and a very high body. Driving over the cross-country terrain and even in the swamps without any problems - it's just about the jeep. However, if your hobby is fishing or fishing and the thickness of the vehicle allows, you can stop your choice on this type of body.


Disadvantages of this powerful car only in higher, in comparison with the same crossover, price. Besides, such star tends to drink petrol rather poorly, also take into consideration: it is necessary to spend money for refueling and maintenance of the road "monster". Costs for maintenance of the automobile automatically increase with your choice of car. Besides, the bigger and more important model is more difficult to drive.  

The cabriolet adheres to the fascinated looks and does not leave anyone indifferent. The main peculiarity of the body is a folding hard or a long dachshund. Widely spread two-door models. Pros - status and simply magnetic privateness. Among the disadvantages is a high price: in this case the car is a real luxury, but not a banal device of relocation. Other disadvantages: looking at all the same folding dach - the most practical cars. The back row of seats (if not a roadster, which has only two seats) is very compact. The car is designed for comfortable summer and "driving" with a wind, and it is better not to drive your cabriolet out of the garage in winter.


You have got acquainted with the basic types of bodies. Now you only have to choose which car is the best for you.

Automatic Transmission or Manual Transmission?

Which is better - automatic transmission or manual transmission? The choice between automatic transmission and manual transmission is not an easy one for many first-time drivers. What are the pros and cons of each option?

Advantages of automatic transmission:


When driving skills are not yet brought to automatism, automatic transmission significantly improves the life of the driver.  

Smooth driving that provides a sense of comfort.

Ease of operation both in city conditions and in difficult ones.

The engine works in the optimum mode.

No risk of overloading the engine.

Shortcomings of the automatic transmission:


"It takes (though not too much) more fuel than the mechanics.

Low capacity.

Automatic transmission "moves", long "thinks".

The car with automatic transmission can not be towed.

It is more difficult to repair.

Losses in the box at the moment of torque.

The advantages of the transmission:


High durability.

Low losses during the torque.

Simple in repair and maintenance.

The ability to "squeeze" out of the engine everything it is capable of.

Mechanics" disadvantages:


Manual transmission increases the risk of accident: at the moment of speed change, a part of attention is lost. Moreover, it concerns beginners who have to control themselves all the time.

It is more difficult to control the automobile and choose optimal variants of controlling it.

It is necessary to change the gear plates.

Risk of "burning" the engine.

Engine capacity

What is the engine's displacement? The volume corresponds to such parameters of the engine as power, durability and tractive force (torque). The larger the volume of the motor, the higher the limit capacity, and thus the maximum speed, which the car develops, and the thrust of the engine. What volume of the engine is better?


The greater volume of the engine - a guarantee of a long service life of the car: with a large volume of the engine is working in twice as much, as less subjected to wear. The history with small cars is the same. So, if you choose between two copies of the same model and the driver in the volume of the engine, it is better to take the volume one.


The significant disadvantage of the big motors: the higher their volume, the higher expenses for gasoline. And that makes them unviable. If you plan to drive no more than 10 thousand kilometers per year, you can choose a car with a larger engine capacity. But if the planned annual mileage exceeds 30 thousand kilometers, you will pay a copeck for the engine, that is why it is better to buy a "low-range" car. In general, take into consideration such peculiarity, choosing the car for your own needs.


Automatic transmission eats a large part of the power of the engine, so if you give preference to the system "automatic", choose the car with a larger capacity. It is better to take a small car with a manual gearbox.


The significant disadvantage of small cars is in the cold season: they need to warm up for a long time (about 10 hvilin) to start in the frosty early hours. However, the engine volume of 2 - 3 liters heats up to 60 degrees in less than a week at subzero temperatures. By the way, diesels sometimes warm up longer, which is one of the significant disadvantages of the diesel engine.

Let's summarize: the main disadvantage of the engine with a large volume is high costs. Such engines are massive, burn more gasoline, they need more grease, so this motor is not a cheap pleasure.

Report about the selection of a car according to the parameters of the engine.

The following types of engines are differentiated by the volume:


Engines with the volume of 0,8-1 liters. They are characterized by low consumption of fuel - not more than 5 liters per 100 kilometers. Other side of the medal - low power, weak traction and inability to carry large loads. Cars with engines up to one liter are called small-capacity. These engines are equipped with the most compact cars of class A (for example, Daewoo Matiz).

Engines with the volume of 1,2-1,8 liters. All are still weak, but they are more adapted to the real life. They are quite enough for comfortable driving in the city. "They consume 6-100 l of petrol per one hundred meters of run. With such a motor can ignite the horses under the hood up to 100 k/c, and the cost of fuel remain acceptable - at least 10 liters per 100 kilometers. These engines are installed on B-class automobiles.

Motors 1,8 - 2,5 liters. Fuel consumption per 100 km is 10-15 liters. They are used in cars that guarantee comfortable driving both in the city and on the road. They are designed for D class cars. Decent torque and 120-220 horsepower at the most. Driving such a car "under the hill" does not cause any difficulties.

Engines of 3 - 4,5 liters - driving such a car you get only pleasure. Such powerful engines are installed on the rear wheels and crossovers. It is the norm for E-class (business) and F-class (representative) cars. Truly speaking, such herd of zealous stallions under the hood "drinks" 15-20 liters of fuel each hundred kilometers of run.

Engines with a capacity of more than 5 liters are installed on the most expensive cars, which provide the most power, but require high costs. Besides, such engine gives the driver many advantages on the road, so people with money and status always choose a car with such engine, at high cost of its maintenance.

  What brand of the car vibro?

The choice of the car by such parameter, as producer-country is entirely justified. For example, for decades, masterpieces of the German car industry - "Mercedes", "Audi", BMW (the so-called "Bavarian trio"), "Volkswagen", "Opel" - does not leave the pedestal of the best, in the opinion of motorists in different countries, cars. "Germans" are famous for the quality of details and assembly, reliability. This reputation, verified by time. Experienced automobilists know, that German brands with motors of big volumes, with timely change of oil can "run" more than 1 million km without major repairs. Among drivers there is even a widespread "joke" about the fact that "the cars are divided into two types - "Mercedes" and "Reshetto".


The "Swedes" were also recognized among motorists - "Volvo" and "Saab" do not yield to above-listed German brands for their quality. The best ratio "quality/price" in automobiles, produced by Asian countries - Japan, Korea. They are available, high quality, economical. Toyota/Lexus, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Huindai, Kia - "Japanese" and "Koreans" are now at the peak of popularity.

What car brand to choose

Creative solutions, modern design, elegance, originality offer on the world market French and Italian brands. France and Italy produce stylish small cars, very handy in big cities and at the same time safe, reliable and affordable for the price: "Peugeot", "Citroen.


Which car is the best for you - you choose.

New or used car?

Most new drivers are faced with a dilemma: what car to buy - new or used. Do you give preference to a prestigious but used car, or a brand-new, but budget one? In order to make a difficult choice, you should know all pros and cons of both variants.


So, choosing a new car, you will get these indisputable advantages:


The car is in perfect condition and ready to use.

Depending on the specific model, the period of trouble-free operation of the car is 130-170 thousand km. The likelihood that before the end of this knowledge will be broken is minimal.

The salon in addition to the new car will offer a favorable insurance policy, which is also important.

Do not need additional groszovyh deposits, and costs for the maintenance of fully predicted.

Warranty maintenance: as long as the car is under warranty, most of the problems that arise during operation - at the mercy of not your problems.

"Younger" car in the future is easier to sell.

The biggest and, perhaps, the only advantage of buying a used car - the possibility of becoming the owner of a high-class car for a comparatively small amount of money, even if it has some mileage.

But the disadvantages of the used car more:


After buying a car requires additional money: maintenance, removal of unpleasant criticisms, which you missed during the inspection.

Buying a used car, be ready, that the money invested in repairs will be partial. Because you do not know how the car was used: whether it was in an accident and was repaired and overhauled, whether it did not "sink", whether the engine was not overheated, etc. Accordingly, the cost of maintenance of the car will become a constant item of the family budget.

Sell the "old man" is not so easy, and expensive for it will not ask.

  How not to buy a "sunken" car.

How to avoid buying a sinking car? In order not to buy a car with rusty nuts, you should know the signs that can identify a sinking car. It is recommended to pay special attention to the price, the smell in the interior and to look carefully at the headlights when looking at the car.How to recognize a flooded car

As you know, floods are not uncommon in Ukraine, even in cities during heavy rainfall "gutters" can not cope with the flow of water and the streets appear flooded. This affects not only people but also vehicles. There were quite a few cases when cars were left by the water as a result of the stormy weather. And the owners of "sunken" cars try to get rid of them out of their hands. How to avoid buying a car that does not belong to you?


The seller's generosity should make you cautious. A decent price, which is 15-20% lower than the price charged by other dealers for a car of similar model, approximately the same age, technical condition and mileage - a clear sign that something is wrong here. And if the car is also registered in the region where there has been a recent flood - you can be sure that this is a "drowned".


The next bad sign - rotten smell. No matter how you tried to dry the "sunken" car, the results of "swimming" will inevitably be seen on the interior: water leaked into all the gaps, and even intensive drying will not save you from the dried up upholstery, condensate, blown plastic, and the main thing - the rotten-soldered smell of syrost. Consider that often sellers interrupt this "smell of drowning" with a large number of ovizhuvachi.


Another point that will show the "sinker" - the ire. There, where water has been, inevitable corrosive processes. Look for rusty beaches on metal elements in the places where the body with moisture is not supposed to contact: in the cabin under the liner, overlays of plastic, humic plugs.  


In cars which have been in the water - "dim look". Through failure of tightness, the headlights of the "drowned" will become muddy, showing fragments of moisture in the middle. It is not technically possible to remove this problem.


Pay attention, that "hairy" past the car gives signs also by the fact, that often it is possible to start it only from the "digger". From the first time does not want to start, the generator is humming, the instrument board throws the signal "check", "malfunction" air conditioner, headphone, radio with speakers, on-board computer. You will have a lot of problems with such "water-cooler", it is better to look for another variant for purchase.


  How to choose a car for a woman?

When you get your driving license after a driving school exam, every newly graduated car owner faces the choice - what car should you choose for your wife? The main criteria for choosing a car for a lady are:


ease of operation;




good technical condition;

exterior appearance.

Well, and the conformity of the car to the character of its owner. Well, when it comes to the beautiful article, emotional component of the choice can not be omitted) The woman is quicker to buy a car of the color that fell into her soul, with great technical characteristics, rather than technically better, but unimaginative.

A car for a woman - how to convert?

So, what car should a woman choose for the first time? Modern women feel behind the wheel no less steadily than men, but the first times a novice driver, who has not brought the driving skills to automatism, must learn to react quickly to the situation on the road. Often the situation worsens, which causes not only the appearance of bruises and damage to the car, but also seamanistic comments of male motorists about the "bluelash behind the kerm.


Do not pay attention to these comments, because with the lapse of time you will become more comfortable on the road. And from the very beginning you should choose a car correctly. Bearing in mind that minor damage to the first car is inevitable, give preference to budget variants cost $10-15 thousand. dollars, with good maneuverability, with automatic transmission, low consumption of petrol. The ideal variant is a relatively inexpensive compact hatchback (Daewoo Matiz, Hyundai Getz). With such car of a class "A" it will be easy for you to maneuver among other cars, to park. The spacious trunk can hold shopping bags, and a large interior is well placed a seat for the little guy.


If you can and want to allow your own car, here is the list of models, which are traditionally considered female: KIA (Rio. Picanto), Mini One, Volkswagen Polo, Renault Clio, Skoda Fabia, Citroen (C1, C4), Nissan Juke, Chevrolet Aveo New, Ford Fiesta.


If you are an experienced driver, a business woman who wants to confirm their status and level of wealth, then buy a really expensive and representative car.


  How to choose a car for the family

Family cars become a big part of the family car lineup. However, the family car must be safe (six airbags), reliable (trust the models with excellent reviews of the time-tested brands) and comfortable (it can comfortably accommodate the whole family, without leaning against the front seats with the knees). Such parameters as interior space, number of seats, space of a luggage compartment are important at selection. Considering this, selecting a car for family use is not an easy process.

The ideal variant of a family car today is practical universions (Opel Astra, Ford Focus, KIA Seed SW) and reliable crossovers with spacious interior and small luggage compartment (Toyota RAV4, Hyundai Creta, Ford Kuga, Honda CR-V).


  How to choose a car for the road

Car travel has become a widespread phenomenon: who would not like to rush with the wind somewhere in the distance, admiring the small landscapes that change behind the window of the car? Or for a weekend trip with the family or friends to the countryside. We will try to give an answer to the question, which car is the best, to drive it.


So, what qualities should have a car, so that the long drive was as comfortable as possible and left really pleasant impressions and emotions, and not turned into a torment?

The main requirements to the car for the crew: spacious comfortable interior, spacious trunk, good technical characteristics, safety and reliability, economy, small suspension for smooth running and the highway, and rural roads.


Pay attention to these brands and models: Mitsubishi L200 (4x4 pickup), KIA Carens, Skoda Roomster, Citroen Grand C4 Picasso, Ford Grand C-Max, etc.

How to choose a vehicle for vantage transportation

What must be taken into account when selecting a vehicle for cargo transportation? The main criteria in selecting such a transport - vantazhopidyomnist and size of the cargo space (internal dimensions). Selecting a commercial vehicle for the transportation of cargo, first of all, be guided by what you are going to transport it. Because the approximate weight and dimensions (length, width, height) zaderzhatimut parameters of the car, which you need to buy for their business purposes: whether it will be a pickup truck or "chobitok" or GAZelle or vantazivka, or truck. For example, if you do not have a need to carry vikoninny slopakety that can be transported only while standing, you must take into account that the height of the body of the vehicle for their haulage must be be adequately.  


  How to choose a car for taxi

While the car for the cross-country motorist - for the exchange and a source of pleasure, the cab driver is "working horse," which must bring income. What are the qualities of a car "carrier"? What brands and models of cars are best suited for private taxiing?


Criteria for choosing a car for a taxi.


Price and status of the brand. The initial cost depends on the payback period. The car must be presentable and respectable, otherwise your car fleet "with Checkers" will hardly give preference to those who can afford it.

Economy: what is the least waste on fuel, it is more profitable to taxi.

Reliability: a taxi car can drive close to a hundred thousand kilometers a day. So your "workhorse" should be reliable and reliable. If the whole time the car stalls on the road and idle for repair, you will not make much money on it.

Spare parts are readily available.

Ergonomics. It is better when the car is adapted for a comfortable transportation of three or more persons with luggage. So it must be at least a C-class car.

Brands and models most popular among Ukrainian cab drivers: VAZ, Renault Logan, Zaz Chance/Daewoo Lanos, Daewoo Nexia, Chevrolet (Aveo, Lacetti), Hyundai (Accent, Solaris), Kia Rio/Ceed, Fiat Doblo (van), Renault Kango ("piggyback"),VW Transporter T4 (minibus).

What kind of car for the beginner

What car will be suitable for a novice driver? When choosing a car you must take into account a few things. Firstly, the car must be easy to operate. And yet inexpensive, because at the beginning of the inexperienced operator is unlikely to avoid damage to their vehicles.


Besides, the first car must have good visibility and standard dimensions. The visible nonversal, low sports car, "square" car, and even more the minibus demand experience from the one who drives them. Such bodies need to be able to maneuver. So it is not an option for you now.

How to choose a car for a beginner

Drivers with "zero" experience are afraid of mechanical gearboxes as a fire, and try to change over to an automatic. The instructors advised to start all the same drive in the manual transmission, so as not to get lost in the gearbox (a classic "plague" of recent graduates of automotive schools) and zakriripit acquired skills.


It is better for the beginners to change their choice on the car with relatively high sitting of the driving place in order to redesign the view of the road. An alternative - a complete set with height control of the driver's seat.


Looking at the fact that the damaged bumpers, broken headlights, bent hood and radiator grilles - inherent partners practice defects, the beginner is better to give preference to one of the widespread in the country models, spare parts for which are available and inexpensive. Lime-engineered versions of the cars are not for you.


For the same reason you should choose cheap versions of budget models, where bumper covers, sills and wheel arches are made of plastic.


One more important nuance. It is better that the new driver's car had high ground clearance. This will protect you from the "plague" the bottom of the car on the nervousness of the non-ideal Ukrainian roads, frozen on the road bed, etc. In this plan the cars with big inclination will be a good choice. For example, budget Toyota Camry, Nissan Almera, Volkswagen Passat, Kia Rio.


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