How to fry crispy bacon


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How to fry crispy bacon Skillet and oven cooking instructions

A cup of coffee, scrambled eggs and crispy slices of meat - a traditional English breakfast is easy to make in the home kitchen. A simple and hearty dish that will satisfy hunger and give energy for a long time. Choose your favorite way to cook eggs, and will tell you how to fry bacon properly.

How to fry crispy bacon / Instructions for cooking in the pan and in the oven

What kind of bacon to choose

Bacon is made from the meat of young pigs. The flesh from the sides of the animal is used, as there are no vertebrae and bones. Some manufacturers make the delicacy from marbled beef.

Healthy people can eat bacon, as long as it is in moderation. The delicacy contains carotene and polyunsaturated fatty acids. But to benefit from the product, you need to choose it correctly. Here's what you need to know:

The product cannot be cheap. Good bacon costs the same as fresh meat.

There should not be too many additives in the composition: only meat and 10% of brine.

Pay attention to color - good bacon has white veins and the meat is brown. Shades can be both light and dark.

A product with a high fat content is more filling, but if you are frying bacon for the first time, it is better to choose nonfat.

Interesting Fact

It was bacon that was one of the first foods that Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin ate on the moon - so they celebrated the landing. The delicacy was taken into space in the form of dried salted meat, which was restored with hot water.

What appliances are needed for frying

To cook fried bacon, you don't need special appliances. A cast-iron skillet or nonstick cookware is best - so the meat won't stick.

A good product does not require a lot of seasoning - salt and black pepper will be enough.

You will also need:

paper towels,

A sheet of foil or parchment if you cook bacon in the oven.



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How to fry bacon

For crispy slices, use a frying pan or the oven.



Popular scrambled eggs with bacon

20 minutes

Method 1

The easiest recipe will take you no more than 15 minutes. This method is worth remembering if you want to fry a meaty delicacy for breakfast.

While the frying pan is heating up, slice the bacon into thin strips.

After that, dip the slices in a container of cool water for two minutes or rinse under running water. Remove any excess moisture before cooking.

Place the strips on a dry frying pan. Do not heat the pan too high so that the bacon slices do not turn into embers. It is not necessary to add vegetable oil - the bacon will fry in its own fat.

To fry delicious bacon, it is important not to be distracted from the process. Slices should be periodically turned - so they will fry better. Salt and pepper can be used during cooking.

It is also important how much time you spend frying the product. Do not leave it on the fire for too long, or it will turn into chips. Cooked meat has a dark brown hue.

In the end, get rid of excess fat: put the bacon on paper napkins, cover the top with another layer.

If all the steps are done correctly, you will get a delicious crispy product.


If you are serving bacon as an appetizer, secure it on skewers.

Method 2

Cook curled bacon in the oven. Social media users claim that this option is feasible even for a beginner. This method will take a little more time.

First, preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

In this time, prepare the slices: each of them should be twisted into a spiral, but not very tightly.

Cover a baking tray with foil - the excess fat will drain on it.

Place the slices on a rack.

Place the rack on the baking tray and close the oven. The bacon will cook for about 30 minutes.


If you don't have a rack, simply fold a sheet of foil into an accordion shape and place the bacon on it.

Many different dishes are made with fried bacon: salads, appetizers with puff pastry or with peas. It's even more delicious if you grate cheese on the hot strips of meat.


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