Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Phone - cheaper than iPhone 12 and charged through the air

Today Elon Musk unveiled the first Tesla phone, the Tesla Phone. The online conference took place on April 1. The futuristic smartphone has an original design, a number of interesting features, and it will cost less than the iPhone 12.


The highlight of the smartphone can be called the ability to charge the phone by air. Tesla used technology similar to that which the Chinese company Xiaomi introduced earlier this year. It is reported that the smartphone will charge at a distance of 3 meters at a power of 5 watts. Developers say that in cars Tesla users will not even have to stick their smartphone out of their pocket, as all cars of this brand are equipped with air charging technology.


The smartphone is based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888 processor. But more interesting is the additional chip; it is designed for Neuralink technology, which analyzes human behavior online to predict where he wants to go in a Tesla car, building a route in the navigator in advance.


The design of the smartphone is also unique. The body is made of titanium, and on its surface is applied a special substance that can change color under the influence of human heat. You will be able to buy the Tesla smartphone for $750 when the smartphone goes on sale. But that won't happen until mid-summer.


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