10 ways to fight autumn spleen

10 ways to fight autumn spleen  


Even being optimists in life some people may be overtaken by autumn spleen with the onset of the first cold and rainy days. Yes, summer is gone but autumn is not an excuse to give oneself into the hands of bad mood. After all, every season brings in its own beautiful moments and even murky autumn days should not wash away the smile from your face. 


1. Care what you wear

You can make autumn days bright using your garments. Intuitively, everyone chooses inconspicuous things like gray or black. And what if you make a choice in favor of juicy and cheerful colours instead? Sometimes, in order to dramatically improve the mood it can be enough to put on bright shoes or change the scarf colour for the one that jumps to the eye. 


2. A time for creativity 

Autumn is a great time to express your creativity. No wonder that artists and poets love it. It's inspiring! It is high time to be creative and get into drawing or composing. Or you can even start plasticine molding. The most important thing is to release emotions thereby. 


3. To the rhythm of music 

Music is a great way to deal with bad mood. Classical, of course. Its positive effect on the mental state is proven scientifically. Listening to the classics enhances the immune system, normalizes blood pressure, and has a calming effect on the nervous system. Beethoven, Bach and Mozart: their music works better than drugs. 


4. The magic of scents 

Aromatherapy is another great way to beat the mopes. Essential oils can defeat viruses, let alone bad moods. Mental condition can be quickly improved with the help of citrus group oils. 


5. Move your body 

Resume physical activity if you've neglected it or start living a healthy and active lifestyle if you haven't done it yet. Exercises not only keep you fit but also stimulate the production of endorphins - the happiness hormones. 


6. Watch comedies 

Autumn is the right time to take out a warm blanket, make some delicious tea and turn on a funny movie. After watching a good comedy there won't be a trace of spleen. 


7. Change the interior 

Autumn is also a good reason to change the interior. Try changing the curtains or removing an unsightly rug. Even rearranging the furniture will affect the mood for the better. How about cleaning out your wardrobe? 


8. Get a cat 

A cat will be your saviour during the autumn time. It will warm you up no less than a sweater and put the breaks on negative thoughts. In general, cats should be a must-have. 


9. Make mulled wine 

Although alcohol is not a good idea a glass of mulled wine can't be bad for you. First of all, red wine is good for your health. Second, citrus, cinnamon and cardamom - all of these ingredients contained in the mulled wine will warm your chilly heart.  


10. For dessert 

A delicious idea is cocoa and marshmallows. Start your day with a cup of a fragrant drink with a delicate, enveloping flavour, and autumn will cease to be so dreary. Mmm...The paradise for a sweet tooth and the solace for any mopey creature.


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